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This is a group page based in Malaysia where you can find and with PC Gamers all over the world.

Sharing & discussing the latest hardware news, gaming news and post your hardware builds / mods.

Benchmarks and gameplay clips are most welcome. Upload it or share from Youtube.

Dont hesitate to ask anything about PC / Hardware and discuss it.

Feel free to share pictures of your PC setup and RIG builds.

-Please tag any admins if you see spammed post.
-Complaining/asking about your deleted post will not be entertained as rules has been made. Repost is better than complaint.

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General RULES

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2. Referral links are not allowed

3. Do comment multiple BUMPS/UP in a single day. If too much same comment (not discussion) will considered spam. Spammed may cause you kicked from group.

4. Please use FOR SALES Feature for selling and tag [WTS] on top of your post (BOLD). False advertisement or details will be deleted.

Thank you.

**Terms and Condition apply
**Admins will delete post/comment without prior notice if any suspicious/spamming/scam possiblity/porn/accusing/bashing etc.
**Be polite, be friendly!