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“Announcing to Jamaica Football Coaches" GSM/UWI Free Football Seminar We hope you are doing well and ask, “Would you pass this seminar information to your football coaches”. This international football seminar is FREE. We are inviting all schools, clubs, Parish FA's, football leader and our friends to attend. If you would kindly past on this information to coaches and football administrators we would be appreciative. The seminar is open to only 60 Jamaican Coaches. Deadline for registering is December 1st. To register a coach must email their full name, phone number and email. Seminar Schedule • Jan 2nd begins at 5:30 PM check-in and 6:00 PM Seminar introductions and class lectures first night until 8:30 PM
• Saturday through Wednesday 8AM Start Class Lecture and 9:30AM Field Sessions
• 12PM - 1 PM Lunch break
• 1:00M Start lecture and 2:30AM Field Sessions
• 5:00 – 6:00 PM Supper break
• 6:00 PM – 8 PM Class Lecture time Note: Wednesday evening end with closing ceremony, pictures and course seminar certificate ceremony. All coaches must attend all sessions to receive the certificate. All participants will receive in December your seminar football educational materials and a more detailed schedule. Each coach will receive our 500 page football coaching manual and a free pdf football book. If out of town coaches need housing you need to share this with us and we will provide you with Grace Jackson contact information at UWI. This a GSM ‘C’ Level Football Seminar/Course - Part 1 “Identifying, Selecting and Training Future Elite National Level Youth to Senior Players” The football educational seminar Part 1 will be coaching ideas for training your players with 6 vs. 6, 8 vs. 8 (with keepers) through coaching 11 vs. 11, coaching tactics in attack and defense and identifying and training elite players. There will be goalkeeping part as well. The course is for youth through senior coaches and to include female coaches. Part 2 will be conducted in late May or early June of 2015. Daily morning and afternoon field seminar training sessions will be heavy on providing coaches with modern training methods with exercises that will develop your players playing the game at a higher level. There will be an early morning and evening lectures dealing with leadership and holistically developing ‘The Player’ along with some guest speakers from Jamaica. In the past GSM has operated many coaching courses and seminars and 100’s who attended have benefitted from our presentations and training methods. Here are some comments of participants are below. The Cayman Islands football Association (CIFA) Youth Football program got a boost with the recent return of two of the islands Youth Coaches Lovane Jovan and Ardin Rivers to the island after participating in an intensive five day GSM International Level Two coaching course in Kingston Jamaica. CIFA with the assistance of Technical Director Carl Brown selected Jovan and Rivers for this trip which was funded solely by the Association. “We thank CIFA for giving us the opportunity to participate in this very educational and informative course. I got the chance not only to learn more in the tactical and defensive aspects of the game but also to meet former and present top Jamaican international players, said the coaches. It was just a great course which was very in-depth and I would definitely go back for the Level Three course. I have learned a lot and I will be passing on my newly acquired knowledge to all interested youngsters on this island,” Jovan pointed out. “This course opened up my eyes, it was worthwhile and I thank CIFA for selecting me to have the opportunity of gaining all this knowledge and exposure to professionalism in coaching. “The atmosphere was great the physical and theoretical aspects were of high standard I would be more than happy to go on another course of this nature,” Rivers explained. “GSM will be the vehicle to change the way we view football development in Jamaica, and so we have to carefully nurture the seed that you have planted throughout the coaching course. Thank you again for coming and opening our minds in a different approach to coaching, using the principles of Christianity. I am indeed impressed with the GSM Training book for soccer coaches that you sent. It will definitely be a guide in my future method of coaching. The passion that I have seen displayed in you, has somewhat rekindled my lost passion for the sport here in Jamaica.” Marvin Tate “I have been applying the course material learned in my training sessions and this is motivating my players allot more. I our team recently had a practice match. We used the course information for our tactical approach in this match. The result was a 0-0 match and the player came away with a very good account of themselves. Our training sessions are more enjoyable for me and the players are responding better with properly planning of training session. Thanks.” Past Coach Omar Stanley Mountain View United FC There has never been a seminar like this given in Jamaica. The international coaches who will deliver the seminar have done USSF level work and other international licensing. They are all football educators and have played the game. GSM wishes to give our time away for the game in Jamaica to help changes coaches thinking and actions with different football ideas to help change their players. God bless. Paul
Paul Banta
President of GSM International
Phone: 843-235-3762 USA