Buy & Sell Photo Gear - Pro Photographers

Buy & Sell group for professional photographers.

There's lots o...f gear trading hands, let's make this a quick easy way to find great deals on what you need! Feel free to invite your photographer friends to the group. But Professional photographers only!

RULES: Obviously, legit honest items listed. ANY scamming, spamming will result in immediate ban

1) Don't Price-Police - if you don't feel someone's asking price is fair, message them. Don't comment and start an argument

2) Remember if you aren't friends with someone on Facebook, sometimes your message goes to their "other" folder. So if you are interested in an item, comment on it, they'll get the notification, then you can arrange a direct message and let them know to check the 'other' folder. This will ensure not missing out on a deal due to FB communications.

3) Anything related to the professional photography industry is allowed for sale here.

4) If you are selling a service/workshop/actions, etc. Message admin for permission to list. We don't want this turned into a spam group. Again, play by the rules.

5) Include a PRICE with all for sale listings!

Obviously, you are responsible for your own due diligence in making sure your deal is legit, we are not responsible for lost funds/un-shipped items, that is directly between buyer & seller. We will do our best to only allow and have legit pros here, where it's safe for everyone. If you use PayPal for buying an item, they do have conflict resolution and buyer protection, so we recommend that.

To find out your NET amount after paypal fees, use: and you can adjust your item(s) price to reflect the amount you want to receive after PayPal fees.

Questions? Suggestions? or message on here.

**Please note, group administrators bear no responsibility in these entirely private buyer/seller transactions. Thank you!**