CSE FREE Psychic and Healer Development

College of Spiritual Education

The CSE is a Non Profit organisation dedicated to Spiritual Education and the raising of standards in all spiritual practices. We offer professional training and accreditation via our ONLINE Courses. Our aim is to make Professional Healer, Psychic Medium, Tarot and Spirit Drawing Courses affordable for all by taking out the need for profit. We are also offer membership to established Mediums and Healers. Check out our current Courses HD-1 Professional Healer, MD-1 Accredited Psychic Medium, SPA-1 Spirit Art Course and coming soon our Tarot Course.

THE CSE is also a MEMBER organisation that recognizes that there are many excellent mediums and Healers who have never had any formal training. We therefore allow individual Experienced Healers and Mediums to apply for Accreditation /Membership with us.

Check the following link for membership criteria: