Quad Cities Gun Traders

This is a group for Buying,Selling and Trading of guns, ammo and accessories in the Quad City area. Also feel free to ask any questions or if you want some opinions on something gun related.


1. Must post price and location of item(a picture is nice also)

2. No Bashing if you think the price is high then don't buy it(Do some homework)

3.If you are from Illinois and selling or buying a firearm it must go through an FFL and a waiting period(effective Jan. 1st 2014) Iowa to Iowa is still the same.

4. Gun dealers(FFL Holders) please only make one post with a list and all pictures in one post. It will keep the page looking cleaner and give the private sellers that only are selling one gun not 10.

5. Please only post gun and gun related items for trade other items will be deleted. If you see a gun or other gun related item you want then you may offer a non gun or non gun item.

A few helpful links.

http://home.nra.org/ The NRA. Do I need to say anymore.

http://bit.ly/1pUDLFA (very long link so I shortend it) A great place for cheap ar-15 parts and some glock parts. They also have lots of other cool stuff.

http://www.ar15.com/forums/ ar-15 forums very helpful website.

If you have any more post them in the comments.