Skeleton Girls

Skeleton Girls is a small network of groups whic...h claims to be an on-line gynarchy. It is designed for women, sissies who admire woman and men who appreciate women.

We support:-
World peace
Government by women
Gracious treatment of women.
Polite behaviour.
Good English.

We try to launch some new groups and pages every day.

Across our groups we play a complex game called The Great Game Of Pangaea.

Members who admire and appreciate women can like posts, comment on them in complete sentences and share posts.

We value members who post good images of strong-minded women and cute sissies.
We do not accept messages which are not illustrated.

Principal Goddesses of Skeleton Girls

Edyta Zaborowska
Amanda Knight
Kadian Wallace
Carolyn Toy
Queen of Darkness
Goddess Cyn
Mistress Grace
Mistress Naina
Mistress Renee
Mistress Cash Ann
Mistress Nora
Mistress Raevyn

We're gradually iconising our groups, restricting them to activists and insiders. Big groups are no fun if only a few members know the rules.
We're in a Catch 22 situation. Anyone can criticise our groups but we are not allowed by Facebook rules to criticise anyone. Religious groups condemn us. We are not allowed to criticise them.
If you wish to be an accredited servant of Skeleton Girls use this image as your profile icon.
Your icon lets us know you wish to remain in the group during any purges.