Queens University Surf Club trips into what can only be described as the generally frigid water off the coasts of Ireland. Veteran surfers take beginners and teach them the basics of surfing and… drinking.

WADABOUTYEEE?!? So you're here to find out what QUB Surf Club is about? First, we like the water. We don't like drowning. We like to have fun on those strange man-made water floatation devices called surfboards (and...if forced a bit o' boogieboarding also...boogie woogie) around the coast of Ireland and further abroad too. And not drown.

We teach you to surf

We help make you fit and strong to surf and look awesome doing so

We take you on surf trips to local places such Portrush, Donegal, Strandhill, Lahinch, and also further abroad; UK, Morocco...etc. (We like travelling)

We set up cheap deals on surfing equipment/wetsuits

We introduce you to some pretty cool people...if we do say so ourselves...

We put on craaazy nights out/movie nights/poker nights/etc etc

We teach you new language like "cowabunga" , "hot tuna" , "bodacous" , "radical" and "gnarly"

We're nearly all beginners

We're nearly all as mad as a bag of spiders

If you think you may want to be a part of the QUB Surf Club family check out the constitution to make sure and join this page for info on everything we do...