Rainbow Toffees - The Everton LGBT Supporters Group

Welcome to the Rainbow Toffees Facebook Group.

The Rainbow Toffees is an official LGBT Supporters Group of Everton Football Club. The purpose of the group is to spread the news about what is going on at the Everton Football Club around the world. On top of that, we will be highlighting LGBT issues that are going on in the world of football and in sports. We do this to highlight what needs to be done at our football club and hold them accountable for their actions.

The group itself is very diverse in regards to the kind of people we have. We have gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexual, and ever straight people from all corners of the globe. We also have a group of supporters that will be coming together to meet up and support our Toffees. Our group accepts anyone who supports us and what we believe in and supports our mighty Everton Football Club. Evertonians are known as "the people's club." Having this group around allows us to fully be integrated into the everton community, be accepting of who we are to the community (because we are born who we are and not manufactured), and to fully accept the mantra of "the people's club."

If interested to know more about the group follow us on twitter @rainbowtoffees. If anybody else has any questions or has suggestions for the group email us at: lgbtevertonians@gmail.com

Thanks again for supporting us and Come On You Blues!