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Please understand that as we grow, admins simply don’t have enough bandwidth to give out warnings to every offender. We expect you all to have read these guidelines and help us keep the page free of spam and bad buyers and sellers. Our goal is to have a community of trustworthy users that we all can feel comfortable making deals with. We all have day jobs, so sometimes things slip through the crack, so please TAG us, contact SUPPORT, or use the REPORT function to let us know of any issues on the page.

Admins reserve the right to ban members and delete comments without warning if a member violates any of the following guidelines; by joining this group page, all members agrees to follow these guidelines:

No promoting. No spamming. No hateful post.

This also includes:

***Suspicious links, Affiliate Offers, or Random Articles.

***DO NOT DISCUSS DRUGS or illegal activities. The Internet is not a private place.

***Uber, Living Social, Contest, Surveys of any kind, Free Guest lists links (without being asked for) will be removed, or links of any kind to outside websites.

Repeated offenders will be banned.

In addition, admins also reserve the right to make decisions as needed, to preserve the peace within the community.

Any type of disrespect towards any admin or moderator will not be tolerated. Automatic ban, no warning.

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