NCT - Reading Branch

If you live in or around the Reading area, we are your local NCT branch and would love to welcome you to our group.

Please pass on this group on to anyone you know who is expecting a baby, looking to meet other new parents or to families new to the area and looking to make new friends. We're here to provide local get togethers, information and support and you don't have to be a member to benefit from this. Our events are open to all. Please do consider joining us though, as the charity can't survive without the income that your membership provides. The NCT membership Hotline is 0870 990 80 40 or you can join by visting

The NCT is a charity; its vision is for all parents to have an experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood that enriches their lives and gives them confidence in being a parent. Its purpose is to offer information and support in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood to give them the opportunity to make informed decisions and to campaign for improved maternity care and better services for all new parents.

The views and opinions expressed on this page have been contributed by Facebook group members and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NCT.