Real Madrid Nepal

A home for all Nepali Madridistas.


0) The match date, Kick off time as in Nepali time, Channel in which the game will be live broadcast in Nepal and other details will be mentioned in the "Pinned Post." Dont waste your time and energy making posts asking match dates and time. Those posts will be deleted immediately.

1) This is the space of Madridistas. We hope you are one of us, but it is not possible for us to ascertain loyalty of each one of you. However we expect you to keep this in mind.

2) Respect!! The club, the players, the fans, your fellow members, and the opponents. Remember there is difference between poking fun and blatant insults.

3) No trolling. No insults. No foul language.

4) Lame posts will be deleted. This includes posts that are truly stupid to asking match times when a pinned post clearly provides a schedule, and everything in between.

5) Endorsement of any product, page, group or anything will be deleted, and the poster possibly banned.

6) Persistent breaking of rules will result in the removal of the member.

7) Most importantly, we expect all of us to stand by the values of Real Madrid. Among those values "Respect" comes the very first. Respect! Be a Madridista!!

Hala Madrid!