LuLaRoe Multi-Consultant Event

Welcome! Red, White & Roe will officially open on Saturday May 2...8th at 11am EST. Proceeds will benefit our Veterans for this Memorial Day weekend event. Check out the give-aways and share this event with your friends!

Inventory will be loaded to the albums throughout the day on Friday, May 27th and will be available for WINDOW SHOPPING ONLY. Any attempts to claim items prior to 11am EST on May 28th will not be valid. Shipping is free for this event, so shop your heart out!

To claim an item, comment 'sold' - any other question or comment will not reserve the item for you. If you have a question, comment 'sold, pending question' - the consultant will answer the question, and then you will need to either claim or pass on the item. Please feel free to tag the consultant for a quick response.

When you are done shopping, complete the google form to be invoiced. Because you may shop from more than one consultant, you will possibly have multiple invoices. Invoices will be sent by Monday May 30th end of day, and should be paid within 24 hours to ensure quick shipping.