Canadian Avon Reps. Discontinued & Overstocked Items

If you wish to join our group your About Section in Your profile must say somewhere that you are a rep for Avon Canada & it must be public for the admins to see or you will not be permitted to join.

Do you have Avon, or Mark discontinued & overstock products or looking for discontinued & overstock products. Then, this is for you!

Please make sure you are an ACTIVE rep, if you no longer sell please be honest and remover yourself from our group. I don't mind newly inactive reps staying in for a bit to sell off stock as they are leaving avon but please be honest and don't buy from others as this is rep to rep here to help with customer demands.

Come and post your wants or have products here!

Also, post any back order & returns products here If you get the red dot of death or an item you ordered is still on back order ask here -someone may have it...

Each rep sets the price of their items, this site is not about making $$ from each other but rather selling our stock to others who may need it or can benefit from what we have. You need to arrange payment, shipment or delivery between each other. I take no responsibility on anything that is sold or traded or bought from here. It is up to you and the seller to arrange payment, shipment, pick up or delivery. If a sale goes south that is not our concern.

If you are posting please put where you are located in your post and when you upload an image PLEASE write your info about your image and location in the comment section before you click add. Thank you

Before I approve your membership you must prove you are an Avon. Rep.