Retro Cycling Marketplace Australia

Welcome, Buy and sell your retro bicycles, frames and parts here. No commercial sales please. Aussies, Kiwis, Tasmanians, and ex-pats around the world welcome. PLEASE read the following:

Please put Price/Size/Location (or shipping) on your ads.
Failure to show this courtesy will result in your ad being deleted.
Don't place an ad asking for offers when selling. Try Ebay if you're looking for the highest bid.

If you are unsure if your goods are suitable for this group, please ask. 9/10/11 speed is generally not considered Retro. Think oldskool. If you think 6500 is oldskool, then you're going to struggle..

Please don't be offended if your ad is deleted. We still like you. :)

Users, if you think an ad is not appropriate, please use the "Report to Admin" function. Trolling, negativity about a sellers product, and generally being a nuisance will not be tolerated. Commercial listings will be removed.

Please don't delete your ads, as they are a handy reference. Many details are contributed in the comments, which can help other enthusiasts.

Remember that buying and selling is your responsibility and your risk - we offer no guarantee or assurances when purchasing or selling items. If you ever have a problem with a sale, please notify admin asap, and we will do what we can, but we're not the police, and we're not a business. We are simply enthusiasts who want to share our passion.

Please check out our sister group: "Retro Classic Cycling" for bike chat.
Group created June 2014.