Royal Holloway Kazakhstan Society

Royal Holloway Kazakhstan Society is a non-profit organisation which works within the framework of Royal Holloway Students' Union, NUS and University of London Students' Union.

Below are some of the objectives of Royal Holloway Kazakhstan Society:

- Unite all the Kazakhstani students of Royal Holloway University;
- Raise the cultural awareness of Kazakhstan on the campus and beyond;
- Add to the existing ethnic and cultural diversity of Royal Holloway University;
- Support and enhance Royal Holloway University's reputation as a truly international and multinational institution;
- Provide support for Kazakhstani students at Royal Holloway University, help freshers to connect to their peers, adapt to the British culture and help overcome homesickness and cultural shocks
- Provide valuable advice and help to the members of the society
- Establish an effective alumni network that will allow a future co-operation between students in their respective careers
- Promote Royal Holloway University in Kazakhstan amongst prospective students, academic and other institutions
- Encourage and promote cohesiveness and unity among other Kazakhstan and Kazakh societies across the United Kingdom