Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate

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The Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate is organized for the purpose of advocating for legislation that supports parental rights and informed consent. All individuals should be given full knowledge of possible risks and benefits relating to medical procedures and vaccines including the HPV vaccine. The Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate works with our state legislators and government officials to eliminate the HPV vaccine mandate. We assert that individuals have the right to make vaccination decisions after discussing their healthcare treatment with their physician.

The Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate, partnered with the RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice, propose legislation to accomplish the following:

1. Restrict the authority of the DOH to set minimum immunization standards for diseases which are non-transmissible in a school environment.
2. Remove the authority of the DOH to mandate HPV vaccination as a condition of school inclusion.
3. Require the DOH director to hold three public hearings when changes to the minimum standards for immunizations are planned.
4. Reinstate the philosophical exemption while also preserving the religious exemption to vaccinations.

Our group membership has swelled to over 2500 concerned citizens and, to date, more than 2900 supporters have signed an online petition to eliminate mandatory HPV vaccinations in R.I. We could not have accomplished this much without your support!

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