RIET/RCEW Placement Cell


Let’s unite here to help our college mates, let’s help ea...ch other for better opportunities and placements. Let’s raise and hold hands for better future, let’s publish all the job vacancies on this forum so that we can make most of it
We invite you all to create a legacy


Our Motto
** Any time of year you can find in here**

Rules -
1) Do not SPAM Spamming can cost you 1 month of ban (from all the opportunities)
2) Do not abuse any member - Ban for 1 month
3) Do not start a topic unless it is related to Job opening or Knowledge transition about latest technology - will result in Deletion of topic
4) Do not provide wrong emails or phone numbers with openings: will result in Deletion of topic
5) Last and most crucial. Need party for every switch .. :D

Rules are to follow. Rules are our friend