RNH Haslar Reunion

The RNH Haslar, RN Medical Branch & QARNNS Reunion Group.

Group Ethos and Rules

This Group is for all Ex and Serving RN Medical Branch Personnel, QARNNS Nurses, C&QA's and MA(Q)'s and Dental Nurses, SBA's, WRNS SBA's & VAD's and other WRNS and RN 'other' Branch Personnel who Trained or Served at The Royal Naval Hospital Haslar.
British Army and RAF Personnel who Served in RNH Haslar or in The Royal Hospital Haslar are also welcome to join us as are Civilian MOD Personnel who Served there and who share our fond memories of that Special Place.

This Group is also assisting ex QARNNS Matron Julia Massey to compile an Archive Record of all who Served as QARNNS RN Nurse and MA(Q) Ratings from the start of Nurse recruiting in 1959 to the present day.
Therefore, all ex & Serrving QARNNS Nurses will be asked for their Service details and their Maiden name/Surname on joining.
This also enables us to introduce and welcome female new joiners to the Group with the Surname that perhaps most old friends and colleagues will recognise.

The Reunion Group's Prime objective is to enable old friends & colleagues to keep in, or regain touch with each other and for new friendships to be formed.
These pages also act as a focus for the Biannual (from 2013) RNH Haslar Reunion which is open to all who were RN Medical Branch, WRNS SBA's or QARNNS/VAD's, and Ship's Company of other Branches who Served at Haslar during it's existence as a Royal Naval / Military Hospital.

All Posts by members must be Considerate and Kind.. gentle banter is fine but unkind or abusive remarks about anyone within the group or out of it will not be tolerated. 'Bad' language, Offensive or Insulting remarks and unsuitable Postings of any sort will be deleted.
Anyone repeating the 'offence' may be be expelled from the Group and from attending the Reunion itself.
Controversial Subjects such as Politics, Sporting Rivalry & Religion are not allowed to be introduced to the Group. This is a Forum intended to bring old and new friends together..not part them with those very partisan subjects being aired here.
The Admins of this Group have the right to delete any Posting that is considered by them to breach these simple Rules and without explanation or debate on the subject. It should, indeed, not be necessary for them to delete any Post..if a moment's thought is given by the Author as to whether their Post may cause upset or pain to someone within this 'family' of ours..and if that is so, or possibly so, to refrain from posting it.
Thank you