Roast My Selfie (The Original Group)

Rules of the group are simple:
01) Post a picture of YOURSELF an...d wait for the replies. DO NOT POST PICTURES OF YOUR FRIENDS. You'll be kicked out for this.
PICTURE. If you do, you'll be kicked out for this. You can like
comments or acknowledge a good roasting with an emoji.
You literally have to post and take what's coming to you.
03) No filters or covering your face
04) No racism. We allow stereotyping and comparisons but
anybody who thinks they're clever calling people "Nigger" "Slave" "Paki" etc, YOU'RE BANNED. No way back.
05) No going through roast posters profiles screen shotting pictures of their partners / kids / relatives etc. Straight ban for this. Roast the person who posted the picture, that's it.
07) No Tinder / Plenty of Fish style flirty post. This is a roast site, not somewhere to find romance although "Mommy, how'd you meet Daddy" "Well son, it all started when he called me a spunk bucket on Roast My Selfie" sounds good, we don't want to read that drivel. Roast them or fuck off. Anyone puts nice comments you run the risk of being kicked out.
08) Add some friends
09) No under 18's. If you see any kids in here, tag an admin on their post and we'll remove them.
10) Fuck off if you have low self esteem. It's not a place for whiney bitches.
11) If you are kicked out the group, your only way back in is via The Sign Of Shame or adding to Tommys Fund. Contact an admin on how to apply to take part.

Legal Disclaimer: By using this group platform on face book you accept all liabilities for anything and everything you post. This Group does not waive you from any face book disclaimer of liability or malicious communications act or racism or hate crimes and another act in law. Roast My Selfie (The Original Group) accept no liabilities for users behaviour and posts!