Rockabilly Mums Australia

★ Please no advertising of any kind unless you have asked me first. This is not a buy/swap/sell group. ★

A mums group for pinup, rockabilly, goth, and any alternative type mummas who feel like the general mum's groups arn't for them.
Here we offer advice, opinions, photo spam of our kids (or ourselves), and just general conversation about whatever with like-minded people!
This group includes mums, step-mums, adoptive-mums, mums-to-be, same-sex mums, no exclusion here ♥
I don't tolerate blatent bullying, everyone has a right to different opinions on discussions but no need to bully people because theirs is different to yours.

☆ Came here thinking its a B/S/S group? It's not, but here is a link to one. ☆

New group, so bare with me.