1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment 'Vikings'

***Group Rules***

* Do not post names, addresses and AOR locations. If there's a need for this then please personal message each other.

* No abusive, racial or harassing messages will be tolerated. These messages will be deleted and the member banned.

* Posts that are irrelevant to the host group i.e. The Royal Anglian Regt or The Army will be deleted. If you feel that a member would benefit from your post them email that user direct. There's no need for the whole group to see it and the board to be clogged up with unnecessary messages.

* Do not post messages such as "why was my post deleted" or start a debate about why it shouldn't have been deleted. If your post is removed contact the admin team first. There is no need for the admin members to be abused for carrying out their duties.

* Finally......SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY! This is an open group and because of its sized cannot be changed to a closed group.

Thank you and welcome to the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment Facebook page.