Ruston Rants

To join Ruston Rants you must have some connection, past or pres...ent, to north Louisiana.

Ruston Rants is a place for current or former Lincoln Parish residents to rant about local politics, current events, sports, peaches, education, potholes, religion, or whatever else as they pertain to Ruston and Lincoln Parish.

While on the page, please share your personal stories or anecdotes about the area.

When possible, the crazier, the funnier and the more entertaining the story the better (as long as it’s true, doesn’t violate anyone’s privacy and doesn’t cross the line in terms of good taste).

Ruston Rants is a fun place.

While Ruston Rants is a page about frank conversation and dialogue — and also a forum for controversial topics — it is NOT a place to engage in needless shock value.