Rhodesians, Zimbabweans Worldwide Open group

For Rhodesians, Zimbabweans Worldwide.
Separated we are, scattered worldwide we share the memories.

Welcome to your Facebook group of Rhodesians, Zimbabweans Worldwide,
Right of Admission Reserved
While you are in here, we would like to inform and remind you of a few simple rules.

The following is not permitted
•Flame Baiting
•Insulting other users
•Uncalled for/out of place vulgarity
•Admins reserve the right to take action if a user is being disruptive, to other members or to admin.
• No business, personal advertsing (except for related products books etc)
Members blocking Admin will be removed.
Members sending other members nasty PM may be removed

This is not the place to attack a person (culture), bigotry, chauvinism, narrow-mindedness, discrimination, prejudice based comments will be removed (including pictures)
Local issues, upcoming events, even politics have a place here for discussion.
before posting something that could be untrue, please try and check the facts.

Please refrain from posting your personal jokes, pictures as these will be removed