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Thank you for being apart of our community! We have over 18,000 people! To my knowledge, this is the largest salsa group on facebook.

Be respectful to others. Anyone offensive will be banned immediately.

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All charity events benefiting people in need, appearing to be a reputable source, will be posted. Please share!

Charitable work is the primary priority of Salsalegre. The 2nd priority is to support friends, supporters of Salsalegre, and to support those who, in my opinion, make the dance scene a better place.

Rules for commenting & posting:

Find the date / month of your event already posted and add your event in the comments as a top pick.

Please only post in the comments with links & include your flyers.
Must have the full address typed out with the city and cover clear to read.

- Do NOT comment twice on the same post please edit your comment OR make a new comment and delete previous comment (you risk losing “likes”).

- Do NOT comment on other dates or topics that are not applicable to your event, however you can comment on up to 3 or 4 categories.

Example: Salsa Doll’s birthday is Wednesday, November 12,2014
This can be posted:
- First: on “Upcoming Weeks” that include the corresponding date
- Second: on the corresponding Wednesday with the date 11-12
- Third: on Birthdays, AND, if it is also a fundraiser,
- Fourth: it can also be posted under the fundraisers.

Automatically deleted:
- posts / comments not in English (bilingual is great, but must have English)
- posts / comments without a caption including full address & cover
- posts / flyers that are too busy
- posts / comments, based on my opinion, that are ugly
- posts that are extremely sexually suggestive
- outdated events
- dead links
- posts about an event where the date and / or location is not clear
- comments off topic of the original post

These rules are to limit spam and to encourage traffic, which benefits posters and makes the group easier to navigate for members. Only I can make exceptions to anything above. My group, my rules, if you don't like it start your own group with 17,000 people. :) Thank you for understanding and for being here.

See you on the dancefloor!
- Susannah