Santhali Youngistan


It has been more than a year and half since the creation... of Santhali Youngistan. It was built to get our santhal youth together at one platform, so we may get to communicate and connect with each other. In short we must improve our skills of networking with each other to benefit from the experience, connections and resources.

Initially everything happened over the internet, but now we have many meet-up events happening in reality. Good initiatives have been taken by the Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Kolkata, New Delhi city chapters so far, in getting our facebook youth meet each-other and materialize things.

We started small but we look forward to contribute to our tribal community in a larger way, with the help and contribution of our santhal youth.

Keep the good ideas coming and question all that doubts you. It will help us grow together and assist the mass of our community who do not know what social media is and how it can impact their lives positively.

Like any other online community, we also have some rules that shall be followed, so the group stays on track and no difficult situation shall come forth. For any other issue that is not mentioned here or otherwise, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the admins of Santhali Youngistan.


1- No personal photos/family photos/tour photos should b uploaded... (If anyone wants to upload, then upload it in their personal album and share it here)

2- No posts/comments should contain any violence or vulgarity meaning.

3- There should be no personal accusing in this group.

4- Good morning/good night posts should be only one. Others may follow it.

5- Fake Profiles Shall Not Be Tolerated

Most Important- if any post violates the above rules, it will lead to deletion of posts.