RELATIONSHIPS are comfortable. In college,time is at a premium,s...o hooking up long term with someone you are compatible with in many ways makes perfect sense. It removes a lot of stress and energy in your private life and insures some quality,consistent relaxation when it's needed.

And at the same time,you probably forgive a lot for the sake of that security.
You can put up with a lot of things from a mate in exchange for the security and comfort described above,but when college life is coming to an end,you probably start to get more discerning and bringing those relationships to a close.

It's not about love. We were born to love,that happens automatically with almost no effort in many cases. No,this is about the smart half that includes using good judgements.

The sad truth is that some people change a LOT towards the end of college,not just in goals and priorities,but even in geographies.And the few that can survive the transition do survive.


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