Scholarship Finding For Cambodian Students

In order to help Cambodian students access to important information related to scholarships, I create this group to share what I find out important. Please feel free to share what you think important for us.

There were some friends asking me whether I used to get scholarships or not. Frankly speaking, I don't need to get any scholarship in order to create this group. Everything is about sharing. Sometimes, I feel upset seeing some smart students don't want to share what they know and what makes them succeed. We are Cambodians, we should love each other. No matter what, please help each other in terms of education if not financially supports.

My name is Nath Chorvorn. I am studying at PUC majoring in Business Admin. I used to get 3 scholarships.
1. Scholarship from University of Cambodia
2. Scholarship at Department of Media and Communication (RUPP)
3. ERASMUS AREAS+ (but I dismissed my scholarship because I have some problems with my health)


Note* The more you give, the more you gain.