Apostolic Church of Micronesia International Seattle



1. Be Excellent to each other.

2. The group's official language is English/Chuuk the admin's language is English/Chuuk and they must be able to understand the post to be good admin.

3. If you say "I have prayed about it and am leaving" or any other form of passive aggressive, "look-at-me" nonsense about how you want to leave the group, we will ban you on the spot and not give you the opportunity. If you don't like it here, there are hundreds of thousands of groups on Facebook for you to try out. Don't cause problems here.

4. Posts in CAPS will be assumed as the person is yelling, which is against internet etiquette. Posters who refuse to change to lowercase letters will be banned.

5. MISSION: This is a mostly fun group, but we will allow serious discussions (because they are important). HOWEVER, if you participate in these discussions, remember that you can only read what people say, you cannot hear their tone of voice or their mannerisms when speaking (which is the majority of human communication). That being said, we expect that everyone assumes the best and that everyone is meaning the best at first glance, so we ask that our members do the same. Instead of assuming someone is insulting you assume something better than that and realize that they are your sibling in Christ and that they love you and care for your soul.

6. Advertising: Established members only can advertise their company/radio show/page/group/etc. you may start one thread a week and post daily in the "chat" thread. No more. If you abuse these rules we will not allow you to advertise anywhere and, if further abuse occurs, we will ban you from posting in the group. This is not a sales page. this rule is set in place to stop this group from being over-ran with ads, we are a humor discussion group not an advertisement group
6a. Established members are defined as someone takes part in other discussions and adds to the quality of the board. Essentially to show you're not here only to push your adverts.

7. If you have any concerns, please contact an admin of the group, don't comment in the thread about how you are annoyed or how rude someone is being as that will do nothing but escalate a problem. If an admin contacts you, please comply with their request!

Thanks for reading!

* * * The admin cannot change the name of the group, we have been trying. We fully recognize that it is in fact “your" and not "you're". The admins of the group are not the original admins, and Facebook has not given them the power to change the name of the group. Facebook has been contacted but has not replied. * * *