Security Philippines

This group is for all Pinoy Security Guards, Security Managers, Security Companies.

This group is created to provide an online venue for security managers, guards, and companies to network and learn from one another.

1. Obscene, spam, and scam posts are NOT allowed.
2. Admins have the right to delete posts and remove members without warning.
3. Spam accounts will be rejected.
4. Advertisements are allowed but will be strictly regulated to prevent spamming.
5. Unrelated ads (e.g. beauty products) and ads with unnecessary or unrelated photos will be deleted outright.
6. Political endorsements and "EPAL" posts will be deleted.
7. Fighting, trolling, bashing and foul language will be regulated.
8. Violators will be removed from the group.

The following content are encouraged:
-volunteer pages
-asking questions and raising concerns
-event promotion (training & other events)
-product reviews
-discussion on related topics, events, issues etc.
-friendly and constructively critical discussions

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