Jamaicans for Secular Humanism

This is a forum for Jamaican humanists and secularists, whether they be atheists, agnostics or theists. It is a space for questioning religious dogma and its relationship to discourses of human rights and to facilitate collaboration among those in support of humanist ideals and interested in the advancement of a secular Jamaica.

You will also find discourse on LGBT issues; women's rights; freedom of and from religion; scientific discourse of subjects such as the origin of life, the human condition, the beginning of time; questions on the moral fabric of Jamaica, diasporic and regional issues etc.

The following activities are prohibited:

1) Personal attacks
2) Posting inappropriate/offensive/invasive questions
3) Evangelizing
4) Posting advertisements in the group
5) Trolling

Breaking these rules will result in a warning from the administrators. Inappropriate and offending posts will be deleted. Subsequent infractions of these rules will lead to a permanent ban from the group.

Membership and participation is PUBLIC.
Website: http://jamaicahumanistsociety.org/
FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/secularhumanistjamaicans

Those who are not in support of a secular Jamaica, but would like to debate skeptics and other members of the group are welcome to participate in our web series Skeptically Speaking by sending an email to jamaican.skeptic@gmail.com