Costco in Brisbane Australia

Welcome to the SEQ Costco Geeks facebook group. This group has been running for over 4 years now and started off tracking rumours about the first location of Brisbanes first Costco. Well we've come a long way now and a few days ago on Thursday May 29th we cut the ribbon on the opening of Costco North Lakes!

So whats next for this group? Well its clear that people love sharing their pictures and stories of their Costco experiences so there will obviously be a lot of that but we will also stick to our roots of keeping an eye out for where the next Costco will be in South East Queensland. Costco have stated that they would like to open at least 4 more stores in the SEQ area so North Lakes is jus the beginning.

IMPORTANT ::: Please, before you post a question read the FAQ post pinned to the top of this group. It has answers to the most commonly asked questions. I will be updating it again in a few days time.

Since North Lakes has opened we have had and continue to have a massive influx of new members. Please be patient with them and treat everyone with respect.

Lastly, this is a Costco fan page .. we love Costco! If you don't and you join this group to argue and talk trash about Costco I'll just ban you so don't bother.


Peter Graham

[ Group description updated as of Saturday May 31st 2014 ]