Senior Connections

The Grandparent Connection presents-SENIOR CONNECTIONS-This grou...p lists businesses, community groups and agencies, in Newmarket and the surrounding areas, that offer services to Seniors. We will also list discounts and deals and special events, all related to Seniors in our Community. This is a searchable group for Seniors, family members and caregivers.

So-Here's How it Works
**For those listing, please add your business or service in a post with some descriptive terms or Tags about what you offer for Seniors. This way when someone uses the Search option it will pick up these items
**Anyone can also post discounts, special promotions, special events etc that are geared to Seniors
**You can also post recommendations for businesses or services etc that relate to Seniors in our community and please use some descriptive words to make the Search easier

***For Searchers:
Use the Search bar at the top right of the page and enter what you're looking for .and you will bring up all posts that have those words in it. It's our hope that you will find what you need but if you don't, just ask!!!

This is just a start and we are currently working on a proper searchable, online database but that will take some time. We hope that everyone who uses this group will benefit, one way or another.

****INFO for listers:The inclusion of home sales and direct marketing companies will be limited as we want only businesses and services that directly relate to Seniors. The listings will be monitored and any posts determined not to fit the purpose of this group will be removed, at the administrator's discrection.