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Support your local

Molimo vas da u grupu ne stavljate slike i linkove vezane uz druge Moto klubove.
Sav takav sadržaj bit će obrisan. Također vas molimo da na zid stavljate isključivo stvari vezane uz Support 81.

Please do not put in a group of pictures and links related to other Motorcycle Clubs. All this content will be deleted. We also ask that you put on the wall only things related to Support 81.

Language of the group is English and Croatian! Thank you.

Sprache der Gruppe ist Englisch und Kroatisch! Danke.

Sprog i gruppen er engelsk og kroatisk! Tak.

If you publish in your native language (not a problem), please post the same translated into an official language of Croatian or English ...
All those who do not adhere to the above will be removed from the group ....

Respect the rules of our group so that we respect you!