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One of the most important visions of this group is to preserve our Italian culture, especially in light of when our ancestors. We endeavor to teach and remind our children about our common ancestry in food, places, people, attitude, character, soul and spirit of being Italian--which is the soul of our ethnic identity. We also endeavor to preserve our natural Italian language (della lingua italiana), in order for this and the next generation to capture and appreciate the beauty of our "Romance Language.”
WE NEED RULES for the voice of reason to maintain peace: Please Do Not Post lewd or indecent pictures, or use vulgar language; and please restrain from insulting others or calling them names. If behavior such as this occurs, I hold the right to give that person a 1st Warning, or a 2nd Warning, and if the behavior continues the 3rd Time, I hold the right to delete any post, photo, or comment, and/or block that member if it continues.
We do not tolerate any kind of advertisements, loan solicitations, sales, offers for sales, dating, or any of personal profit or for gain derived from attracting any member of the group. Any bullying, racism, gender, or sexist discrimination or abuse will not be tolerated in this group, and If anyone as seen doing this, they will be removed automatically from the group. Many of our members come to this group to get away from daily barrage of online voting polls, ads, special sale offers, and a host of so many “online deals.” If you should witness anything like this, please inform me or any of the administrators right away, you can private message me.

Thanks to all for your contributions and enjoy your stay. Grazie Thanks to all for your contributions and enjoy your stay.

Grazie a tutti per i vostri contributi e godetevi il vostro soggiorno! Thank you to everyone and enjoy your visit.

John Amato
Sons and Daughters of Italy