Soul Beach Music Festival, Aruba

Please let me say, this group page is in no way an OFFICIAL Soul Beach Music Festival Facebook fan page.

We are here to HELP you with any questions you may have regarding Soul Beach Music Festival schedules or/& especially if you have questions about Aruba of course. POST your questions, concerns, requests and even pictures and video's here so we can all enjoy!

In Aruba, MEMORIAL day weekend be filled with SOUL.

Were you in attendance at a Soul Beach event in Aruba?
Take pictures with friends? Did you spot a celebrity or meet an interesting person? Just want to spread the love? Have a suggestion for which artists you'd like to see perform?

This group is for all who LOVE Soul Beach in Aruba. Post your photos of you having a great time at everything from the Beach parties, concerts to those “souled out” after parties.

Let's all connect and spread the word to the world and our friends that the Soul is in Aruba on the Beach every Memorial Day weekend.

Disclaimer: If you have any official questions regarding the Soul Beach Music Festival, we recommend you do two things: (1) Like the official Sol Beach Music Festival Facebook page, (2) sign up on their official webpage ( to get updates, emails, special promotion information, and especially, if you have per tenant questions regarding the actual festival sponsored events.

If you have any concerns please direct your emails to the group and refrain from posting on the wall as we try to keep spamming the group members as little as possible. This group is meant for you to interact with other SBMF fans and meet up during the festival. If you decide to use your group membership in order to post advertisements or lead a revolution of party poopers on the wall it will immediately be removed and the posting user will be banned from the group.