South Coast Neighbors United

South Coast Neighbors United is a group of concerned citizens wh...o have come together to research the REAL potential impacts of the Access Northeast project - a proposal by Spectra, Eversource and National Grid to construct a 24" high pressure natural gas pipeline through private residential properties in Freetown and a massive, oversized liquefaction/processing/storage facility in Acushnet. We are dedicated to sharing the findings of our research with the community to make ALL of our neighbors fully aware and informed of what our families, properties and community is truly facing, should this project be approved.

Aside from the fact that it has been determined by an independent study commissioned by the AG's office in late 2015 that additional natural gas is not needed in New England, here are some other reasons that we oppose this project:

a) permanent damage to our wildlife, natural landscape and environment
b) loss of value in our homes/property
c) dangers involved with being in a HCA (high consequence area)
d) negative impacts on health - toxic emissions from the facility will reach homes, schools, day cares and health care facilities in close proximity
e) shoddy workmanship used in construction due to the rushed nature of getting the project built can (& has) lead to leaks, ruptures and explosions
f) false claims of energy savings for New England - there is no way they can guarantee this
g) false claims of a good safety history - Spectra has several pages of violations and fines against them on the PHMSA website
h) false claims of significant tax revenue to the town of Acushnet - they have in the past filed abatements to lower their taxes, and as a typical progression, they will be lowered anyway because the facility is assessed differently than residential dwellings. It is industrial, therefore the value drops every year it is in service, just like an automobile
i) false claims of being "good neighbors" - proof from other communities that during construction of similar projects, previously agreed upon conditions were NOT honored
j) all data points to an ulterior motive (not disclosed) to use this expansion for the purpose of ultimately exporting natural gas
k) false pretenses of having long term customers lined up to purchase their product - until recently, National Grid and Eversource and signed contracts to make themselves customers of their own product, with OUR money. Fortunately the SJC ruled in August that this was not legal.


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