South Georgia Pets

This site is about the pets! Buying, Selling, Adopting and all their supplies. I am also allowing livestock sales and supplies. It is not for pushing your opinion on someone, such as breeders, sellers, etc. If you have an opinion, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!. Any vulgar language or attitude towards anyone WILL GET YOU DELETED!!!. If you are caught, or SUSPECTED of flipping, harming, or any wrongful doing to any animal, you WILL BE REPORTED to the Humane society and Department of Agriculture. Follow all state and local laws, or you will be deleted from the page. FOR EXAMPLE: Puppies and kittens must be 8 weeks of age before given away or sold, and ANYONE selling or giving away more than 1 litter a year must obtain a valid license from the Department of Agriculture, available upon request of any admin. Admins are here to help, if there is any problem, or you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them. DO NOT CONFRONT OR CAUSE DRAMA ON THE PAGE!! If you are not interested in buying, or adopting an animal in a post, unless you have something positive to say, DO NOT COMMENT ON A POST THAT DOES NOT CONCERN YOU. The bottom line is be adults, and behave yourselves. I do not get any pay for keeping up this page nor do the admins. We are certainly not going to put up with elementary and high school drama! If you are not from boarder states of GEORGIA, UNLESS YOU ARE AN OUT OF STATE BREEDER. credentials will need to be available upon request for your kennel. NO ONE ELSE OUTSIDE OF THE BOARDING STATE OF GEORGIA NEED ASK FOR MEMBERSHIP. IF I AM FORCED, NO POSTS WILL BE ADDED UNLESS APPROVED. I hope everyone enjoys the page and remembers the purpose of the page.IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS!!! THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING, SO PLEASE BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Just in case you need a reference number, here you go!:
Let me clear it up for ANYONE!!!! If the puppies. or kittens are less than 8 weeks of age, DO NOT POST THEM ON THIS PAGE FOR SALE OR REHOMING!!! YOU will be deleted!!! I have been nice and tried and tried to respectful and fair about it! People want to keep fighting a state law, that is fine on your page, but it will not be done on this one! If you do not like it, kindly remove yourself from this page. Thank you all very much!!!!!