St.Paul's Church College Alumni Association,Agra

The thought to revive the alumni body of St. Paul's Church Agra was knocking with utmost emergency. So,here we are with the first step which is the impetus of this whole idea.This group is actually what you can assume a virtual reunion having a social networking base because to our minds, Facebook is the best way to connect and get the ideas across to so many students and senior members.All the decisions regarding all the events throughout the calendar year will be conveyed here to all the members.Also, in this group we will hold the elections to the various posts of the Governing Body of the Alumni Association and henceforth, all the relevant information regarding the working of the Alumni Association will be discussed and passed on here and only here itself.We will keep everyone updated as to what we would do next by our posts here.Suggestions are more than welcome as this is something we are doing out of our love for our Alma Mater and each one of us is entitled to contribute in whatever way he/she can. We hope that our efforts will bear fruit and we can make this Alumni Association a great success.Cheers!