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About Headstart Network Foundation:

In the year 2007, a group of passionate individuals came together in Bangalore to kick-start the STARTUP ecosystem revolution in India. Back then, there was no startup ecosystem. The vision to 'Change the world through Entrepreneurship' led to the foundation of Headstart Network Foundation in the year 2008.

While there is a decent startup ecosystem in place now, there are various challenges that aspiring and existing entrepreneurs face today. Headstart serves as the largest platform for grassroot level entrepreneurs in India. We run various initiatives like 'Startup Saturday,' 'Headstart Higher,' 'Headstart Co-founder Search', 'Headstart Clubs', and so on, to make entrepreneurs win.

Any individual with the zeal of entrepreneurship and the spirit of contribution, is welcome to join this group. If you want to be updated regarding our initiatives and the happenings in the Bangalore's startup circuit, do join this group.

Please use this Group as a platform for discussions, inspiration, connecting, sharing, collaborating, and supporting the Chennai's Startup Community.

Lets together take Chennai to the 'Top 10 startup ecosystems of the India'!

Our National Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/headstarters

We also have a page for Startup Saturday Chennai: https://www.facebook.com/StartupSaturdayChennai