Hey guys,
This is the official St Albans Education Club page. On behalf of the presidents of this club, myself/ Danni and Matt, we would like to welcome you all to what is going to be a fun filled club, which we hope to create exciting experiences to not only bring us future teachers together, but to share our experiences and knowledge to other university colleagues.

The vast activities that this group is going to hopefully provide will be:
- Education ball - end of the semester/year?
- Study groups- weekly/ fortnightly?
- club/pub crawls?
- excursions- eg: paint balling, rock climbing?
These are just some ideas, but with the help of our members we hope to make these ideas become a reality.

To contact us- aside from using facebook, we have a live account

This Wednesday the 2nd of march there will be a booth dedicated to our club. A $5 dollar sign up fee will be required, this cost will help kick start our club and support future events. The university is also supporting our club with recourses and funding's. The booth will be mand by myself the president of this club Danni and our Vice president Bec as well as helper executives.
Time: 11 - 3pm
Where: Near the waterless fountain if its not there then near Building 4 cafe
If you are unable to make this date just email us and we can arrange to meet up for discussions or sign ups.

Tell your friends at our vu campus, let them know what we are all about, the more members the better!!!!!!!

We hope this club will continue to grow, even after we have come and gone and be as strong as ever.