HR158 Group is the name of the bill (Visa Waver Program reform a...ct) that House of Representative passed on December 8, 2015.

Many of us were unaware of this taking place until it was too late with regard to the House of Representatives. Now it will go to Senate before Obama signs it into law.

Our aim in creating this forum is to brain storm together and figure out ways Iranians and non Iranians from all over the world unite in solidarity to express their views on this bill to the public/media/senate before it is finalized.

The goal is to ultimately be heard before the senate makes it final decision.

Time is of essence - Any Iranian and non-Iranian who is in support of getting this bill rejected is welcomed. Please invite those who can support us in this mission. This bill is not only going to negatively affect Iranian-Americans but also all citizens from the origin of country as listed on the bill: Iraqis, Syrians, Sudanese. We welcome their support as well as we are in this TOGETHER.



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