St. Paul's Mar Thoma Parish, Kingdom of Bahrain

St.Paul’s Mar Thoma Parish
Kingdom of Bahrain
The Diaspora Mar Thoma Community formed a prayer group in Bahrain, the Pearl of Arabian Gulf, in 1962. In 1963, this prayer group was given the status of a separate Mar Thoma Parish.
The influx of Mar Thoma Members to Bahrain has been steadily increasing over the years, that the space was not sufficient to accommodate all the members under one roof for the worship services. Mar Thoma Syrian Church always encourages forming smaller Parishes to facilitate personal and pastoral care among the members.
Inspired by the Diocesan Bishop, a genuine desire arose among some members of the Bahrain Mar Thoma Parish to start a new Mar Thoma Parish to cater to the spiritual needs and to make possible personal attention and fellowship among the members. After due deliberations, the Episcopal Synod of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church has given formal approval for the formation of a ‘New Mar Thoma Parish’ in Bahrain.
Subsequently a formal General meeting of the members of the new parish in presence of Rev. Lal Cherian, the Emissary of the Diocesan Bishop, His Grace The Most Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma [then His Lordship Rt Rev Dr.Joseph Mar Irenaeus Suffragan Metropolitan], was held on August 25, 2006 and the Parish was named ‘St. Paul’s Mar Thoma Parish’.
St. Paul, the builder and architect of the Church, was mainly instrumental to bring the gospel of salvation embodied in the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ who moved around the rural meadows and hills of Galilee to the urban cities of Corinth, Athens, Ephesus, Rome etc. In the urban context of Bahrain, therefore, it is apt to name the Parish after the same Missionary Apostle Paul.
Our beloved Thirumeni, His Grace The Most Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma inaugurated the St Paul’s Mar Thoma Parish on 14th December 2006. His Grace the Metropolitan consecrated the present place of worship and celebrated Holy Communion at 7.30 PM on 26th March 2008.
We are happy that our fellowship and membership are steadily increasing by the grace of God.
Presently Rev. Dr. T. T. Zachariah is serving the parish as Vicar.