Strict Women

Group Level 23 (Vanadium)

St Red Riding Hood's Day
April 27th 2...015

Pangaea is a complex role-playing system involving many groups. We also support world peace, gynarchy and women's rights.

If you wish to post to the group, your message should be illustrated. Facebook has very strict rules about imagery. If your image breaches Facebook's policy, we will be obliged to block you from this group and others.

Players compete for points by answering tasks. Collecting points leads to increasingly important roles in the Pangaean hierarchy.

Task One:-
Post an image of a significant female, together with these words, “My name is ….. I am from …... I admire ….. (name of celebrity).
You will earn 5 points.

Our groups are not dating sites. You won't find any obliging partners on our network.

Other photographic topics we embrace:- Astronomy, Castles, Graveyards, Monoliths, Mythology, Reptiles, Sharks, Street Fashion, Tanks.