Supernatural Fans


- Here you can post your favorite quotes, pictu...res, discuss episodes, SPOILERS and talk about Supernatural

- The group is called #SupernaturalFans for the fans

- No inappropriate pictures.

- All SPOILERS are allowed. Just write #SpoilerAlert on the post.

- Admins delete any post that's not related to the show.

- The admins can delete or ban any post or anyone they want.

- Don't post any page, group or personal promos, ads or links.

- "Active members have a chance to be admins in this group."

- No disrespect & swearing.

- Respect all admins and all the rules...

- NO Selfies!!!!!!!!

- SPN is not about pets so stop posting pics of you pets!!!!

- Please post all Supernatural Game Trivia on the game thread created by Arni

- For the good of the group, please refrain from posting inappropriate "shipping" pictures since they tend to cause unwanted drama within the group. Canon pictures are allowed so long as they do not create negative drama.

- If you want to promote something, talk to an admin first or you will get banned!