Shia Muslims of the world

Salaam dear all.


Encouraged posts and the primary purpose of this group is sharing:
-Details of upcoming Islamic or important community events
-Content from/about the Prophets and/or Imams
-Things relevant & beneficial to Shias
..that are of an educational, inspirational, productive &/or unifying nature!!

Please do not post things that are:

-political, divisive
-offensive/rude/inciteful (or of a judgmental/condescending nature towards ANY person/group from ANY background/faith/creed/affiliation)
-promotion of businesses

Also, please do not spam (post/comment too much), even in regards to religious and relevant content.
And please note this is NOT a discussion page but rather a type of notice board, so please avoid: asking questions, discussion topics, posts/comments eliciting discussion
Basic discussion/questions may be posted but may be deleted if the answers are not straightforward.
A good platform for discussions is or ideally a healthy face-to-face discussion with a fellow brother/sister or teacher.

It is understandable that there may be beneficial posts that can be shared on this group but that are against the guidelines. In this case, you may invite yourself to one of many other groups that accommodate for you.
Please respect and adhere to the above simple guidelines to ensure your post/comment is not deleted. If it is, please do not take offence and take that as a warning.
Members may also be deleted/banned without warning if they go against the guidelines (so hope they have read this which is pinned on top).
Also, please note if somebody posts something against the guidelines, just leave it (or tag an admin) and inshaaAllah admin will attend to it sooner or later. Try not to get caught up in replying.

InshaaAllah we can all benefit from each other's posts and comments.
Happy posting & Salawaat