TANGO LOVERS Czech Republic

For all tango argentino lovers from Czech Republic who want to dance, share and enjoy together their pleasant embraces, beautiful music and unforgettable experiences on the dancefloor :-)
Pozvěte své taneční partnery, přátele, učitele, lektory, pořadatele... V ČR je nás hodně, tak pojďme sdílet to, co už jsme zažili a co se teprve chystá! Diskuze tu jsou vítány, návrhy, tipy na akce, poznámky, komentáře a zkušenosti taktéž!
Feel free to invite other tango lovers, your dancing partners, teachers, promoteurs and organizers... There are lot of us here in CR so let's share what we experienced and also what is comming! Discussions are welcommed, so as are suggestions, tips for events, notices or comments!