Tango Evolution - Argentine Tango in Atlanta, GA

Tango Evolution is a social club of Argentine Tango dancers from... Atlanta, GA.

We formed Tango Evolution in 2004 to support existing tango dancers and to promote tango to a new generation of dancers. Tango Evolution supports all forms of Argentine tango. In tango there often seem to be factions that support one style or music over another. We feel that all styles and music are viable.

Tango Evolution teachers is a group of young talented dancers who are constant learners, tireless dance/music researchers and enthusiastic performers. Their tango knowledge is enriched by backgrounds in other dance forms, music, martial arts and body-mind disciplines. Tango Evolution has been invited as guest teachers, performers and DJs to tango communities through-out the South East.

Join us for classes, milongas (Argentine Tango parties) and just for fun evenings with friends!

More information about TangoEvolution can be found at www.TangoEvolution.com