Teacher Voices: Professional Development

'Teacher Voices: English Language Teacher Professional Developme...nt Group' is NOT a group for students and people who try to learn English as the group's main purpose is to improve teaching skills not English.

This is a professional development group for classroom TEACHERS, textbook WRITERS, curriculum SPECIALISTS, RESEARCHERS of ENGLISH Language Teaching or Applied Linguistics.

'Teacher Voices' aims to provide a platform for English language professionals from around the world to share and exchange teaching and research information and ideas.

Members discuss a wide range of topics such as curriculum and materials development, language teaching methodology, language learning theories, classroom management, teacher research and teacher professional development.

Members of this group are expected to engage in the discussions using FORMAL ENGLISH and avoiding the use of slang and colloquial language.

Please do not use this group for business promotion and self promotion. Please do not circulate any material which are copy right protected in this forum cause it is against the law.

If you would like to administer survey questionnaires, please assure our members of the following:
1. that the research has been cleared by relevant authorities in your universities / institutions (ethics clearance)
2. that you as the researcher will keep members' responses confidential
3. that you will share the results of the research with interested members

Irrelevant posts will be deleted and the users will be removed from the group.