The Expat's Guide to Costa Rica (TEAM GRINGO)

Welcome to Team Gringo - Costa Rica's home for News, Info and bad jokes pertaining to the Expat Lifestyle in Costa Rica

This group is not looking to replace any existing groups, only provide another platform in which people can share info, ideas, jokes and poke fun on topics concerning expats in Costa Rica.

We want a group of fun people that aren't quite as easily offended or into the clique mentality and mob rules. Running off newbies will not be the idea behind this group.

In my personal opinion it is the difference of backgrounds and opinions that make not only the Gringo Expat community so amazing but Costa Rica itself.

Since we are such a diverse group and I'm sure we will disagree from time to time, how boring would it be if we didnt? But I see no reason to ever moderate this group unless it comes to spam, harassment or blatant racism.

Hopefully you guys will decide to share your pictures, tell us about your experiences both negative and positive and maybe even post some controversial topics from time to time. Friendly rips on Gringos, Ticos and Cannucks based upon their culture is not going to kill anybody as long as its not pure hate on a same note insulting a poster in jest is not going to get you kicked out of this group.

I think getting your feathers ruffled every now and then is a good thing, If you can dish it out but not take it this group is probably not for you.

Again thanks for joining, the admin team will be adding helpful and interesting links and stories from around the web and we look forward to your contributions as well.

Team Gringo