The English-Speaking Union of Azerbaijan (in Formation)

The English-Speaking Union of Azerbaijan (in Formation) aims to become an International Member of the Global Family of English-Speaking Unions.

The International HQ of the English-Speaking Union is based in London, and is an international charity founded in 1918 to promote; 'International Understanding and Friendship through the Use of the English Language.'

The ESU brings together and empowers people of different languages and cultures.

The Aims of the English-Speaking Union

The Union promotes:

1. The mutual advancement of education of the English-speaking peoples of the world, in particular respecting their heritage, traditions and aspirations, the events and issues of the day affecting them, their inter-relationships and

2. The use of English as a shared language and means of international communication of knowledge and understanding:

provided always that these are at all times pursued in a non-political and non-sectarian manner.

The UK ESU is a charity registered in the UK, registered charity number 273136.

It was established by Royal Charter with Her Majesty The Queen as Patron and Her Daughter, Her Royal Highness Princess Royal as President.

The Board of Governors meets three times a year and is led by the Chairman.

The administration of ESU programmes is organised by the international headquarters at Dartmouth House. The Director-General and the staff at Dartmouth House are the main point of contact for any general enquiries.

The English-Speaking Union of Azerbaijan is located in Baku and is aims to become an independent autonomous International Member of the Global ESU family.